Marcy and David arrived home. They lived in the swish part of town(the swish factory was just around the corner).David opened the door, wiped his feet and waited for Marcy his wife.
Closing the door, they went through the hall and into the lounge of their flat, which was situated at the top of the building.
They both sat, heavily , onto the sofa. After a moment Marcy looked at David and said “Well, that was a disaster ,totally ruined my evening that did”.
” I know” replied David ” I really didn`t want say anything ,when the waiter brought in the glazed lemur( he grimaced), but when he brought in the salamander sorbet, it was just too much – everyone knows it should be dusted with brown sugar , not white”.
Pouring them both a glass of wine,Marcy sighed “Well after that , theres nothing for it but bed. David nodded, sipping from his glass and moving towards the bedroom.
They both stopped abruptly in mid-stride, the atmosphere in the room had suddenly changed, seemingly charged as if with electricity and threat.It felt as if the room were about to spin, a hidden vibration urged them through to the bedroom . For the second time that night ,they both sat heavily, this time on the end of the bed.
Despite the charged atmosphere they felt chilled, shivers running up their spines. There was a hint of something in the air. It began to take on substance and they realised , it was music, music such as they had never heard before, dark, barely heard but hypnotic.
The music moved like d.n.a , spialling upwards and outwards, the volume gradually rising, till it reached a level where it could be heard without straining. They sat poised, hardly dareing to move.
Of a sudden , the floorbegan to shudder and shake beneath them, as the bass notes reverberated from below, like a demon from hell with a headache- boom boom boooooom. The truth burst upon them with sudden clarity.
The Petersons were hosting a dub club………