In a suprise move today, in what some are calling “The Weather Wars” , the Naturists Of Britain have declared their support for The Temperate Liberation Front. The N,O,B.s in a press release today said “The Coolists must be stopped at all costs. People, especially our members, must be free to bare all, which in the present climate is not possible”. They went on to say that N.O.B.s were prepared to bear arms to achieve their aims.It was also reported in Reuters that the Global Coolists had released hailstones over the Gobi Desert. It is believed by Met Office analysts that this may be training for temperature terrorist cells.
Meanwhile the T.L.F. sent a note of thanks to N.O.B. which included this message “unless the Coolist Imperialists stand down in their efforts to impose idealological temperatures on others , there will be heated debate and more. Your members may yet be called upon to stand erect , bearing arms to show the world what they are made off”.