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just to finish


i read , was aghast,
nadine dorries blast
at those twittering,claiming disability.
she says the’re taking liberties.
she thinks it’s fine
’cause she follows the party line
we should all get gainful
employment , it’s shameful.
well , giza a job , how about poet laureate?
i think i could do that.
well, if you don’t expect more than 12 in a year ,
yeah, that my brain and body can bear.
so take your meanness and keep you opine
and stick it where the sun don’t shine

you make my day ….
you make my life
you make me

it’s all going to pot
or so they say.
do they think we’re stupid,or what,
’cause it’s always been this way.

it makes no difference, i say.
our pockets are empty,
they’ll keep it that way.

so, when they tell you of new taxes,
or how this country is financially strapped,
they wont be telling all the facts.
e.g, their bank balances are not sapped.

it’s all going to pot they say,
but only for some, you see.
while we struggle, they make hay
and pocket another fee.

sitting staring in my head,
at things gone by
or just ahead.
creating dreams of far away
and what could be,
in a different day.
if this was that
or this was thus
i shouldn’t sometimes feel a prat.
no person would disapoint
or upset people by mistake.
no putting noses out of joint.
alas , we are not of that breed
and cannot live that dream
so , i sit , staring in my head

the usual thing , you know it’s coming ,
happens every time.
a turn of your head
or blink…… then it’s happened .
with no reason or rhyme
like a badly done mime
or a disjointed ,fragmented sentence.
that reforms itself
into something ressembling
a completed rubiks cube.
a marsh mallow sky
at the end of the day.
a previously unknown piccasso,
it lights up your head
and gives you a grin
suddenly things seem much better .
‘cos everythings rosey and bright
when a friend says “it’s alright ”

With his indifference, he casts you away like waste from a joint of meat .
Casting you , carelessly , aside , to be swept away with the debris of his past.
He leaves you twisted and covered in his disregard but ,
You regardless of him, carry yourself through,
to rise up from separation , betrayal and desertion.
He knows not what he has done

head is spinning,
body thrilling.
bass lines pounding,
hi-hat zinging.
feet, sliding,
like on ice , gliding.
feel the beat, beating,
with your heart meeting.
feelings ,exploding,
colours, you are holding.
while in your head you are flying,
and deep in your soul, with joy you are crying

heavy weather , pushing on my brain
heavy weather , driving me insane
heavy weather, it’s miserable and grey
heavy weather, i don’t like this kind of day
heavy weather, leave it at the door
heavy weather ,i don’t want it anymore.

it’s all inclusive , life.
everything thrown in , usually all at once.
you just can’t get away from the fact.
sometimes , you might feel like giving it a miss for a while
but hey ! ,that’s what sleep and over indulgence is for.
so! suck it up , while you can,
’cause it’s all inclusive
there’s not a better deal in this town